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Update Posts

For each version of Jaunt we push, we write a blog post about the changes. These posts are linked from inside Jaunt, but can be accessed here as well.

  • v1.2.1 – Time Picker and Car Contact - The Slack Time Picker block element was recently moved out of Beta which greatly simplifies the process of collecting time information from the user. This, among other features and bug fixes, have been implemented with v1.2.1 of Jaunt. Features / Changes Since Last Update The Slack Time Picker block element has been implemented in the “Create an event” and …

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  • v1.0.0 – First Major Release - Version v1.0.0 marks the official release of Jaunt to the Slack App Directory. Documentation is now available, and referenced to by Jaunt in most dialogs via the help button. Features / Changes Since Last Update Jaunt has received a visual overhaul which no longer uses Slack Attachments (which are changing) Jaunt now uses Granular Scopes, …

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News Posts

General news relating to Jaunt.