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Jaunt allows your team or organization to better plan rideshare transportation to and from your events. Replace the clutter of messages required to organize transportation with a simple, clean interface that lets everyone know what’s what.

  • Reduce message clutter
  • Easy access to event Details
  • Promote carpooling 🌱 and cost splitting
  • Advanced features
  • Worry less about planning and enjoy your events!



A Jaunt Event is special Slack message that organizes ridesharing between users in your workspace. Jaunt Events form the basis for Jaunt as an application.

Using Jaunt to enable ridesharing for your event is easy!

  1. Plan an event for your team or workspace members
  2. Create a Jaunt Event describing your planned event
  3. Users sign up to be drivers to your event
  4. Users can join cars with open seats

A ‘Closed’ Jaunt Event can no longer be interacted with. After an event takes place, users may choose to close the Jaunt Event to store a record of those who carpooled together. Additionally, Jaunt will close the event automatically a week after the event takes place. See below for more information about how to close a Jaunt Event.

In order for Jaunt to interact with a channel or conversion in your Slack workspace, it needs to be a member (just like normal users). To use Jaunt in a private channel, make sure you add Jaunt to the channel first!

Use /invite @Jaunt to add Jaunt to a private channel.

Though this is a planned feature, Jaunt does not currently notify riders that their driver has decided to cancel. Please ask your drivers to notify riders if their plans change!

Jaunt Events cannot be opened more than 30 days before the event occurs; this is to prevent the event message from being lost in your conversation. In the future, you will be able to schedule Jaunt Events to be posted at a later date. 

Jaunt is free to use, and always will be. In the future, certain additional features may be limited to paid accounts.

If you are interested in supporting Jaunt, thank you! Buy us a drink here.

As a design philosophy, we have limited Jaunt’s permissions requirements to the bare minimum required to achieve the functionality we are looking for. These include:

  • channels:read – Required to check if a channel is public
  • chat:write – Required to post messages to users and channels
  • chat:write.public – Required to post message to public channels that Jaunt is not a member of
  • commands – Required to respond to Slack slash commands (like /jaunt)
  • groups:read – Required to a check if a channel is private
  • users:read – Required to identify which timezone a user is in when creating an event. This does not allow Jaunt to view user’s email addresses

Jaunt stores the following type of information in order to ensure proper functionality:

  • Slack Team, Channel, and User IDs
  • Any data that is provided to Jaunt through dialogs (such as event names, descriptions, etc)

For more information, please check out our Privacy Policy.

Team-specific settings are currently not supported; in the future, settings will be available on your team’s Jaunt Home Tab. 

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